Getting Around Cairo


Most taxis in Egypt do not have meters – these are the black and white cabs zooming all around the city. The best method is to negotiate the price before getting in a cab. Taxis are plentiful in Cairo, so you can always walk away and find another cab that has a better price.  Also, talking to more than one will help give you a general sense of the market price is for your destination.  Lastly, try to avoid calling for a cab in front of a luxury hotel as prices will obviously be  skewed.   Compared to when I was staying at a hostel, I had to pay twice the cab fares when I relocated to the Four Seasons hotel.

The cheapest method to get around is to call for a local yellow taxi called a “City Cab”, which DOES have a meter. These cabs don’t roam the city like the normal black taxis do; they only provide service for those who call and you must arrange a pickup in advance (a couple hours) to guarantee a ride. Highly recommended for planned routes to farther destinations beyond just around downtown Cairo.

From within Cairo dial 0104343438 – 19155.

Downtown to Airport = 40-50 EGP

Downtown to Giza pyramids = 25-30 EGP (Although if you plan to do a full day of pyramids, it’s best to hire a taxi driver for the day which can run you about 150-200 EGP.)


The Cairo Metro was a pleasant surprise for us.  As the only full-fledged metro system in the entire African continent, it was amazingly sleek and modern.  Fares are only 1EGP per trip, which meant Natalya and I used this method of transport almost exclusively to get around Cairo.

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