Nile Cruise Day 2: Edfu and Esna

We continued our journey down the Nile Valley to Edfu, which houses the Temple of Horus  (falcon god).  The Edfu Temple is the second largest temple in Egypt after Karnak Temple, and considered one of the best  preserved.

The reliefs were particularly beautiful and detailed.  I played a bit with my shutter speed to transform the hordes of tourists into ghostly apparitions for the shot below haha:

The rest of the day was spent sunbathing on the roof deck whilst sipping on some Stellas (Egypt’s local beer, no relation to the Belgian brewery… unfortunately).   We had a momentary stop at the Esna lock while peddlers tried to sell blankets to our cruise passengers by throwing merchandise onboard. I didn’t really understand how the payment process would work…

After dinner, our cruise ship hosted an Egyptian Night full of cheesy games to be played by costumed passengers, such as the potato race,  mummy wrapping contest, and some R Kelly type game involving blind folds and pouring beer from a bottle in between your legs  into a cup . ..

Every cruise will always have that family with the annoying, obnoxious kids… this incestuous scene did not help their reputation onboard the Nile Admiral… but did provide much entertainment.

“Watching this was one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life.” – Natalya

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