Paradise Found in Sharm el-Sheikh

We took a quick flight from Luxor to Sharm el-Sheikh, which is located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.  Known as the “City of Peace” due to the numerous peace conferences held there, we were all ready for some quality rest and relaxation.  Due to our amazing travel buddies (both Four Seasons employees), we were able to spend two glorious days at the Four Seasons Resort in Sharm el Sheikh, which (even by Four Seasons standards) is one of luxury hotel chain’s best.

It was absolute paradise here, surrounded by the gorgeous natural scenery of Mount Sinai and the Red Sea.  The resort had 5 restaurants, two pools, several lounges including one specifically for shisha, a shopping mall, ice cream cart on the beach, spa and salon, scuba diving and snorkeling classes, and even a tram to take you from the lobby at the top of the hill down to the beach!

Since I was flying out the next evening, I wanted to make sure to get my scuba dive in 24 hours before my flight.  After a much needed refresher course (as I had not dove since Maui June 2008), I went to explore the beautiful world of the Red Sea.  It was the most beautiful underwater scenery I had ever seen with the brilliant purple color of the coral reef and the diversity of marine life.  Temperature was an amazing 22°C (over 70°F) and maximum depth reached was 29m (95ft).  I saw 4 lion fish, 3 blue spotted rays, torpedo ray (2ft wingspan), eel, giant porcupine fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, clown fish, crocodile fish, giant clam, parrot fish, arabian fish, and schools of triggerfish.

That night, we decided to glam up and grab some pre-dinner cocktails at near the lobby lounge.  There was live music and thus we decided to start our own dance party.

We enjoyed a lovely Italian dinner at Il Frantoio in the outdoor cozy courtyard, complete with a fountain and violinist to serenade all the guests.  Following dinner, we headed over to the shisha lounge to enjoy a nighttime hookah session.  The lounge had white linen basket chairs with a tented roof draped with gorgeous white fabric.  There were unique tobacco flavors to choose among, all certain to bring you to an ultimate state of chillaxation.

The next morning, we awoke to breakfast and tea service right on the patio of our villa.  We then set off to the beach for some sunbathing and snorkeling time.  The coral reef is located so close to the resort beach and the ocean floor so shallow that it is very easy to see everything with just a snorkel (vs scuba diving).

During my underwater frolicking, I actually received a call from the beach attendants that I needed to go to my massage appointment!  I hopped into one of the mini golf carts they have to transport guests around the resort and headed to the spa.  Four Seasons… I love you.  I had a spectacular Pharaonic massage during which two large bags of  chamomile and mint tea leaves were dipped in warm almond oil and used in a full body massage.  I left feeling completely relaxed and with a lovely herbal and almond scent lingering on my skin.

Sadly, we  left our paradise shortly.  Natalya had to get back to NYC because she actually was still employed, but I was able to continue my funemployment adventures with Justin and Coral to Alexandria and stay at the Four Seasons of course!

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