Surfer’s Paradise

After disembarking from the ferry from Fraser Island, we had a long driving day ahead of us.  Our first stop was the trendy beach resort town of Noosa Heads.  We grabbed a quick lunch and frolicked on the beach before heading back onto the bus.

Next stop was the ultra relaxed capital city of Queensland, Brisbane.  Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city by population, and is well-known for its warmth and laid back atmosphere.  We strolled across the Story Bridge, played with the giant metal  soccer ball structures in Brisbane Square, and laid out on the grass inside the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

We continued to the aptly/cliché named capital of the Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise.  Some of the group decided to take surfing lessons, and others went sky diving – a few sky divers were lucky enough to get the ideal climate for landing right on the Gold Coast beach.  I was absolutely terrified of the idea of jumping out of a plane, and while I refused to do it in Australia, I somehow got suckered into promising to go sky diving in New Zealand

I decided to try the relatively safe (but quite arduous) activity of sea kayaking, with some body surfing on the side (A$75).

Our last night in Surfer’s Paradise, we headed to Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant (A$70) for a three-course dinner paired with a vampire-themed rock musical comedy show.  It was kitschy, over-the-top, and full of crude humor, but it was a hilariously fun-filled evening.  After dinner, we hit up the clubs for the rest of the night!

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