Coff’s Harbour

In the morning, we visited the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where we got to get up close and personal with many of Australia’s native animals.  We fed kangaroos (sorry I ate one of you guys), held baby crocodiles, had staring contests with emus, got chased by huge cassowaries, and even took elementary school portraits with a koala bear.  It is actually illegal for the public to handle koala bears in New South Wales,  which is probably why Contiki chose to visit the zoo in Queensland rather than in Sydney.

As we left Queensland and crossed into New South Wales territory, we took a brief stop at the gorgeous Byron Bay.  We visited Cape Byron, the most eastern point of mainland Australia, from which tourists can sometimes spot dolphins and humpback whales.  We sadly didn’t see much marine life, but we did see a pretty lighthouse.  We grabbed some lunch in town and chilled on the beach until it was time to pile back onto the bus.

Later in the evening, we arrived at Surf Camp in Coff’s Harbour.  We stayed in cozy cabins right on the beach and partied with other aspiring surfers around the campsite’s bonfire.  In the morning, we hit the waves because, well, that’s what you obviously do at Surf Camp.

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