Tropical means humidity

In the morning, Ben and I headed over to Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.  It was a very peaceful stroll through the lush green gardens and we later stopped by the café some tea.

It started to rain, and I decided to head back home to take a nap.  The rest of the day was spent watching the tropical storms pass by and lounging around the bar.

In the evening, we headed to Raw Kitchen Bar for dinner, which is located at the old firehouse next to the Bukit Timah Reserve.  Ben knew one of the owner/chefs, Javier, from the “small business owner circuit” in Singapore and they would both visit each other’s establishments often after hours.  The ambiance at Raw was very chill and comfortable; there is indoor seating as well as a backyard patio for al fresco dining.  The location right next to the Bukit Timah Reserve meant there were often critters hanging out around the restaurant, but that just added to my personal entertainment as I chased a couple frogs around outside.

The restaurant boasts an eclectic international cuisine with strong Japanese and Italian influences.  Javier just whipped up a bunch of dishes from the menu for our party of 6 and we loved every bit of it!  My favorite appetizer was the UFO gyoza for 3 reasons: 1) it just looks so cool, 2) UFO is in the name, and 3) it was delicious!  I also enjoyed the squid ink fried rice, seafood ceviche, salt & pepper squid, zucchini pancake, and nori salmon.

It was already fairly late by the time we finished dinner, so that was our late night dining adventure for the day!

Return to main menu: “Singapore Lah!”


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