O Canadia

After returning from Singapore in May, I settled down a bit to enjoy the NYC summer.  I spent most of my time working at an internet media start-up firm and going to tech meetups and social media events.  When I say “working,” I really mean “volunteering” since I was not getting paid.  This is fairly normal practice in the NYC start-up scene though, in contrast to some of the opportunities in Silicon Valley.

After a while, I was starting to get a bit restless from my travel addiction that had been suppressed for almost 2 months.  So I decided to do some quick jet-setting, but this time it was much closer to home.  I headed up to Toronto for a reunion with my lovely Contiki Australia girls.  It was a short but randomly crazy weekend filled with roller coasters, rounds of sociables, a naked midnight peeping tom, and a road trip to Niagara Falls.

Day 1: Toronto
Flying into Toronto, Little Italy, Polson Pier, Lake Ontario

Day 2: Wonderland
Canada’s Wonderland theme park, clubbing downtown

Day 3: Toronto Islands
Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto Islands, Center Island, Centerville, CN Tower

Day 4: Niagara Falls
Road trip to Niagara Falls, Maid of the Mist, Clifton Hill


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