As mentioned in my Australia post, the majority of the Contiki tour members were Canadian.  Some of the girls I had met from the tour lived in Toronto (or within a reasonable traveling distance), and thus it was settled that Toronto would be the location for our first mini-reunion.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and serves as the provincial capital of Ontario.  Home to over 2.5 million residents, half of whom were born outside of Canada, Toronto is  one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world.  Toronto is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, and is just a quick 1 hr 45 min flight from NYC.

I arrived in Toronto on a Thursday night and headed to Little Italy located in the West End of Toronto.  My friend Kiley lived in a cozy basement apartment located right in the heart of Little Italy.  The district is centered around the main College Street, which houses numerous Italian restaurants and cafes, as well as vibrant nightlife options that attract many young professionals to the area.

When I arrived at Kiley’s place, another tourmate Megan was already there.  Megan is from London and had been traveling around in Canada before arriving in Toronto.  Both Megan and I were the honorary Canadians of the group when traveling around Australia, and it was only fitting that we would both be there for the reunion in Canada.

For our first night, Kiley took us to a party at the Sound Academy, which is located at Polson Pier.  From the pier, we had a gorgeous view of Toronto’s nighttime skyline across Lake Ontario.  We may have spent a bit more time playing around on the docks and taking photos than in the actual club…

We met up with some of Kiley’s friends and then headed to random karaoke pub, Fox & the Fiddle, where we chilled for the rest of the night!

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