Ahh the days of amusement parks!  I recall back in junior high school when my friends and I used to all have season passes to Paramount’s Great America theme park.  We would get dropped off by our parents in the morning and spend the whole day at the park… it was like day care for teenagers.

When Kiley said she was taking us to Canada’s Wonderland, I was so excited to relive the good ole’ days.  The best part was that I really did get to relive my theme park days, as Canada’s Wonderland was formerly owned by Paramount and thus the majority of the attractions were exactly the same as my theme park back home!  After Paramount sold Wonderland in 2007, all the rides were renamed but obviously the rides are all structurally the same.  Additionally, many of the locals would still call them by the original names so it really felt like I was back home in California (with the exception of the Canadian accents).

There were 6 of us, which perfect for working out the riding buddy system.  Kiley’s friends Fox, Bruni, and Milligan joined our girls’ trio for an awesome fun-filled day.  We rode on every single roller coaster until one of us reached puking point (that just means you are overflowing with fun and you have to let it out).  We also played dress up at the carnival booths and tried our hand at the many (rigged) games.

I skipped out on the Drop Zone tower ride because I was being a wuss… I know it is sad considering I even went sky diving in New Zealand and loved it!

For some reason, spinning tea cup rides cause me to laugh uncontrollably.  I was laughing, nay giggling, for the entire duration of the ride.  Bruni also couldn’t stop cracking up, and I still have no idea what was so funny about it all.

Of course, indulging in junk food is a necessity at an amusement park.  If the roller coasters aren’t enough to make your heart skip a beat, perhaps a sugar high from funnel cakes and ice cream cookie sandwiches will!

At the end of the day, we sadly said our goodbyes to Canada’s Wonderland and headed back to Kiley’s place.  Along the way, we picked up another member for our Contiki girl reunion, Hagit!  Kiley, Megan, Hagit, and I had all been roommates for the majority of the Australia trip and it was amazing to be together again  just a  few months later (and on a different continent!)

We hit up the clubs downtown to celebrate our roommate reunion, and it was not until after midnight that we picked up our final Contiki tourmate, Devon, who joined us from Ottawa.  After calling it a night, we headed back to Kiley’s place, which by now turned into a girls’ slumber party.

The five of us were chatting and filling each other in on our lives since Australia days when all of the sudden, there was a knock on the door.  It was somewhere around 4am and we were all clearly startled, especially since Kiley had told us the other residents in the house were away for the weekend.  When we opened the door, there was no one there and we passed it off as a silly prank by some juvenile party-goers that may have passed the house.

We continued our conversations and then we were interrupted again by another loud knock.  At this point we froze and looked at each other nervously.  We peeked cautiously out the window and still could see no one outside.  At this point, we formulated a plan to catch whoever was irritating us much that night.  Covert mission style, some of us continued chatting in the living room as the rest of us positioned ourselves at various windows around the apartment.  All the curtains were drawn except for a crack at the bottom, and I sat on the ground so I had a partial bottom view of the side path that lead to the back of the house.

Sure enough, the knock came again.  A few seconds later, I saw a pair of bare pale legs walk past the side window where I was stationed.  Incredulous, I headed back into the living room and reported my observation:  “So I just saw a pant-less man walk by…”

Kiley was freaked out, as we all were, but I could only imagine how she felt with a half-naked stalker hanging outside her own home.  We all jumped into action and ensured all the locks were properly secure.  We also proceeded to arm ourselves with any household items that could be used as weapons, such as a wooden paper towel roll holder and a toilet plunger.

We waited in anticipation until we heard that dreaded knock once again.  This time, we boldly (or foolishly) threw open the door and dashed out to catch the culprit.  Kiley was one of the first ones out of the door, and starting shouting at the man who was apparently peering into a side window (the same window I was positioned at earlier).  Devon and Megan started to shout obscenities at the peeping tom, and they took off after him brandishing their weapons.  The man fled the scene by jumping onto a bicycle that he had left in the back, barely escaping the wrath of several armed and pissed-off chicks.

Later when we regrouped back at the apartment, we called the police to report the incident.  The police sent out a patrol car to scour the neighborhood but it was clear that man was not coming back.  This was one of the most ridiculous nights I had ever experienced…

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