Toronto Islands

After all the insanity from last’s night pantless peeping tom, we were all looking forward to having a calm, leisurely day.  Kiley’s friend Amy arrived to join our girls’ weekend and our chick clique grew to six strong.

We left Little Italy and walked south through Trinity Bellwoods Park where a lively Portuguese festival and parade was commencing.  We made our way to the Toronto Ferry Docks to catch a  ferry to Toronto Island Park (C$6.50 return fare).

The Toronto Islands are a small chain of islands located in Toronto Harbour, less than 10 minute ferry ride from city centre.  Known as Toronto Island Park, these quaint islands are a popular recreational destination, boasting a small amusement park, petting zoo, beaches (even a clothing optional beach), picnic areas, in-line skating path, as well as bicycles and swan-shaped paddleboats for rent.

From the Centre Island ferry dock, we walked to Centreville, which is a children’s amusement park that includes a miniature railway and a petting zoo called “Far Enough Farm.”  We frolicked around the farm animals like kids and ooh’d and ahh’d at the baby piglets and duckling in the barn.

We continued to make our way to Centre Island, which is the largest and outermost island of the park.  We opted to skip the clothing optional beach (Hanlan’s Point) and headed towards the clothing required Manitou Beach instead.

We sipped on some Bud Light Limes (aka the cheap alternative to Corona) while chilling on the beach and playing a little soccer/football.

We decided to head back to city centre so the non-Canadians (Megan and I) would have more time to do other touristy things, like eating poutine (fries topped with cheese curd and brown gravy) and visiting the famous CN Tower.

The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere measuring 553.3 m (1,815 ft) tall, and is the world’s tallest tower according to the Guinness Book of World Records’ convoluted standards.  In 1995, the CN Tower was named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

While I skipped all the towers in Australia and New Zealand, I decided to dish out the C$30 to ride the high-speed glass elevator to the top of the tower.  I figured all those accolades had to be worth something.

I think Megan and I probably had the most fun before heading up to the top, such as doing stupid poses with the miniature scale CN Tower, the huge plastic moose, and giant stuffed woods creatures.

Security procedures consisted of a futuristic metallic pod you entered that had several nozzles protruding from the chamber walls.  The light would signal and the nozzles would expel air at full blast at your body to conduct a hands-off pat down.  Note: try not to wear short skirts…

Next, we took the glass elevator that traveled at speeds of 15mph to reach the Look Out level in 58 seconds.  The elevator had a glass bottom, from which I admit I felt a little bit of vertigo as we sped to the top.  From the Lookout (height 346m / 1,136 ft), we enjoyed the 360° views of Toronto city.

One level below is a wrap-around Outdoor Observation Deck, as well as a sprawling Glass Floor that is advertised as being so thick and sturdy you can even jump on it.  I was not about to do any jumping, as the best I could manage was crawling onto the Glass Floor…  There isn’t much of a view as it is just the concrete ground below, but it definitely made me nervous to see the potential pathway through which I could plummet to certain death.

After Megan and I left CN Tower, we headed back to Kiley’s place with the rest of the Canadian girls.  With a 7 strong chick clique now, we indulged in several rounds of Sociables to pregame before our girls’ night out.  We took the streetcar to a bar around Little Italy, where a friend was having a birthday party.  Unfortunately, I had a bit of a row with the bouncer at Toby’s, who refused to let me in with my US driver’s license.  Even though I had multiple backup IDs, he stated he would only accept my passport.  We couldn’t just go elsewhere because of the party, so I had to go all the way back to get my passport.  Ironically, one of the girls was underage and was let in using an ID that looked nothing like her haha… so sad.

But as a disclaimer, other than this one incident, Toronto was awesome!

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