Karibu Kenya

In 2009, I traveled to Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Kenya, and England.  Eight countries in eight months.  Funemployment indeed!

After several months of going on adventures across the globe and exploring a multitude of random careers paths, it was finally time to rejoin the society of suits.  I suppose eventually I had to stop living on friends’ couches and be able to afford my Manhattan rent again.  Since departing from the corporate world earlier in the year, I was set to return to the concrete jungle in the fall.  That only meant one thing — squeeze in one final epic trip!

Karibu (“welcome to” in Swahili) Kenya!

Natalya has a friend, Mital, from Kenya who was organizing a legendary group trip to his homeland.  Mital and his local friends were absolutely amazing in coordinating every detail of this trip; all we had to do was show up!  We started with 6 people, and several others came to join along the way.

I flew into Nairobi via London to spend two glorious weeks in Kenya, after which I extended my layover in London for another week before returning back to NYC.

Day 1: T.I.A. and T.I.K.
Nairobi National Museum, Uhuru Gardens, Westgate, fly to Mombasa, party at Il Covo

Day 2: Mombasa
Mital’s sister’s engagement party, Bamburi Beach, hotel snake show, shisha at Lollipop

Day 3: Mombasa Old Town
Mombasa Old Town, Fort Jesus, Mamba Village, Tamarind Dhow

Day 4: Ukunda
Ferry to South Coast, visiting Ali’s home village of Ukunda

Day 5: South Coast
Scuba diving off Diani Beach, beach time, another snake show, casino, party at Shakatak

Day 6: Asante Sana Squash Banana
Back to Mombasa, Akamba Handicraft Market, chill at resort

Day 7: Safari
Back to Nairobi to prep for SAFARI!  Camping at Lake Naivasha, clubbing at Crayfish Camp

Day 8: Lake Nakuru
Bird watching at Lake Naivasha, Mount Longonot hike, Lake Nakuru National Park, free lodging at a temple

Day 9: At the Equator
Observing the Coriolis effect at the equator, Naivasha, Maasai Mara

Day 10: Maasai Mara
Game riding in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Day 11: Great Rift Valley
Early morning game ride in Maasai Mara, Great Rift Valley, Nairobi to restock, bonfire at Sagana’s Rapids Camp

Day 12: Sagana
Swimming in the Tana River, shopping at the village market, tea at Treetops Hotel

Day 13: Nairobi
Chania Falls at Thika, back in Nairobi, dinner at Simba Union, drinks at Klub House

Day 14: Elephant Orphanage
David Sheldrik Wildlife Trust, Maasai Market, dinner at Carnivore, Westlands bar hopping

Day 15: Kwaheri Kenya
Hanging out with my friend Mark who lives in Thigiri, Nairobi

Day 16: Depart Kenya for London

Some things to know about Kenya…

  1. Foreigners will always pay at LEAST 4x as much as local Kenyans for fare admission to museums, parks, etc.  It is an official thing, can’t haggle this one, suck it up and pay!
  2. Outside of official attractions, hustling is fair game so brush up on those skills!
  3. The majority of the hot local women at tourist bars who look like they could be cast in a rap video are typically malayas aka “pros.”  So beware… or take care!
  4. Close the car windows when stuck in traffic, people have been known to reach in and grab items, or just stick their hands in until you give them money.

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