South Coast

Maridadi means “Beautiful” in Swahili

In the morning, Herman, Natalya and I went out for a scuba dive with Diving the Crab. Our resort on Diani beach had a scuba shop right on the shore where we booked the trip and rented the equipment.  Natalya had gotten certified just in time for our Kenya trip so we could all explore the Indian Ocean together!

1st Dive Site: Kisima Munga
max depth 20m (65.6 ft), water temp 26°C (78.8°F), time 45 min, visibility: fair
Highlights: lobster, turtle, lionfish, blue spotted ray, squid, trumpet fish, guitar ray, clown fish, tons of starfish, and gorgeous bright neon and translucent purple coral

This was a long drift dive on a gentle sloping reef.  The current was extremely strong and we couldn’t help but run into each other / kick each other as we were swimming.  It was Natalya’s first dive since certification, so she was eager to get a diving buddy and practice all her new skills. Herman, the only advanced diver among us, ironically could not free float in the water.  We didn’t bring an underwater camera with us for this dive, but the visibility was not great so photos most likely would not have come out.

I ended up staying under the water for longer with the dive master after the rest of the group returned to the boat as I still had a good amount of air left, but primarily I didn’t want to get back on the boat!  We were all feeling sick from the intense rocking on the boat due to the strong waves.

2nd Dive Site: Galu Reef
max depth 15m (49.2 ft), water temp 26°C (78.8°F), time 60 min, visibility: poor
Highlights:lobster, squid, blue spotted ray, cowry shell, starfish (some were of a white color with purple spikes and others were yellow and bright blue in color)

This dive had much stronger currents and worse visibility.  I could barely see 5m in front of me, and I was worried I would get lost!

After our dives, we were all happy to get back on solid ground again.  We were all pretty exhausted from our dives and passed out fairly quickly on the beach.

Later that night, we heard a banging at our hotel room door.  It was Mital!  He was completely recovered and burst with energy, ready to continue our Kenyan adventure with us.  Also, since he had missed our visit to Ali’s home in Ukunda, he had stopped by there earlier in the day before joining us at the resort.

Apparently all Kenyan hotels like to have nyoka (snake) shows!  The one at the Southern Palms Resort was on a much larger scale than the snake show in Mombasa and I was eager to play with all the cool reptiles once again.  We all played with the chameleons, green grass snakes, and sand snakes that got passed around all the guests.

There was also a large python that ended up pooing on a boy who was holding it at the time… T.I.A. when nature calls!

Later that night, Miraj and I headed out to meet up with some of his friends that were vacationing in the area.  We first stopped at a casino to play some rounds of roulette (Miraj is always hustling) and then took our winnings to party at Shakatak disco.  We danced up a storm and I got to see plenty of malayas at work here.

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