Arrival in Bermuda

Due to our delayed flight, we didn’t end up landing in Bermuda until around 10pm on Friday.  We took a taxi from the airport to the Fairmont Southampton, which costs $45 for the 45 minute journey.  After we checked into our room, we immediately got ready to enjoy some Bermuda nightlife.  Granted, the only place open “late” (last call was practically California time at 2am) was the conveniently-located Cellar Bar in our hotel.

The hotel booklets all boasted the Cellar Bar as a cozy, old English pub.  Hence, our surprise when we heard the blasting Hip Hop Rap music and the lit up dance floor.  We ordered a couple rounds of the national drink, Dark & Stormy, and celebrated our arrival in Bermuda.

The bar had some classic old school SEGA arcade games built into the tables.  We settled into the plush couches and went crazy playing Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, and yes, there was The Lion King.  Best part of the bar!

Later, we finally got onto the dance floor and danced until last call… at 2am… oh well!

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