Bermuda Baby!

Memorial Day means it’s time to take advantage of the long weekend and travel!  Natalya and I chose another honeymoon destination (usual deets); however, we deviated from our typical couple travel by adding a third travel buddy- enter “it’s the doctor” Doc Dean!

Doc is a guy who can befriend anyone within seconds, dance up a storm, and has a distinctive booming guffaw you can hear for miles.  Plus, he has a snazzy Canon SLR camera to take gorgeous photos for this blog to capture our trip memories.

We departed on Friday evening for Bermuda and spent 3.5 glorious days of rest and relaxation on this picturesque island.  For New Yorkers, Bermuda is ideal for a weekend getaway.  The flight time was less than 2 hours, the currency is pegged to the USD so no need to exchange any money, weather is nice and temperate, and outlet plugs are the same for your charging needs.  The only downside is how obscenely expensive everything is, although for Manhattanites, the difference isn’t noticeable.  If you are used to paying $15 for cocktails and $30 entrees when you dine out, then it’s just usual deets.

Flights were $400+ for the holiday weekend, but typically airfare ranges around $200-300.  There are no hostels on the island, just 4 star hotels so you also must be prepared to dish out the $$$ for accommodations.  Basically, this is NOT an island for backpackers.  Everyone I saw on the plane was dressed to the 9’s in their champagne-colored silk blouses, 6 inch heels, and toting their LV suitcases.  All the island’s visitors are affluent blue bloods who most likely know someone from Vanderbilt (the university, and quite possibly the lineage) and own at least one pair of nantucket red shorts and some type of seersucker apparel.  Mayor Bloomberg is a very frequent visitor himself.

Overall, Bermuda is a lovely destination for a quiet weekend trip.  While it may not have a thriving nightlife like Miami, I definitely prefer a more chillax vacation rather than battling the fist-pumping, sweaty crowds in the midst of the flashing neon lights and blaring house music.

Day 1: Arrival in Bermuda
Check in to Fairmont Southampton, Dark n Stormy welcome at the Cellar Bar

Day 2: Southampton, Hamilton
Lounge around hotel, dinner and partying in the capital city at night

Day 3: Atlantic Ocean, St. George
Scuba dive the Bermuda Triangle, explore the historical town of St. George

Day 4: Spa Day in Southampton
Full R&R as we alternate between the hotel spa and the beach all day long

Day 5: Last Day in Bermuda
Bermuda sunrise, flight back to NYC


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