Spa Day in Southampton

On our last full day in Bermuda, we decided to spend most of the time doing a lot of nothing.  We saw most of the tourist attractions we wanted to see, and now we had a full day to get our tan on at the beach!

However, since we would have all day to sleep – we still woke up early around 8am to enjoy the beach scenery before the rest of the tourists crowds took over.  Jobson’s Cove was pleasantly empty and we went crazy with our photo sessions.

We took a lot of pictures of our playtime climbing rocks, splashing around the water, and posing like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”  Self-timers + continuous shooting are the best camera features ever!

Here, Nat messes up Doc’s solo portrait session by running across the frame.  It happened so fast but the photo makes it look like it was in slow motion.  Hilarious!

We had to take a break from playtime to head to the Willow Stream Spa at our hotel, where we all booked luxurious massages to help relieve us of all our stress haha.  We spent the rest of the day alternating between the spa facilities, steam room, jacuzzi, and the beach.  Oh how I love vacations!  We grabbed some lunch on the beach at the Cabana Bar & Grill, ordered the gulf shrimp, and made a few inappropriate BP oil spill jokes.

For dinner, we headed to Henry VIII, a local pub (and randomly a sushi bar) in Southampton that was recommended by Doc’s scuba dive instructor as a great spot to grab a drink away from the hotel crowds.  The concierge had told us it was a 15-20 minute walk uphill from the trolley and suggested we take a taxi instead.  Rebels we were (plus badly needing any form of exercise) we decided to walk, and discovered it took less than 8 minutes.  This was the moment we all agreed that while we loved Bermuda, everyone here lies to you, albeit with a smile.  Noted.

Henry VIII had a very nice indoor dining room and plenty of seating on the outdoor patio.  We got a great view of the lighthouse just as the beam turned on and twinkled.

Back at the hotel, we shared a bottle of wine in the Jasmine Lounge and listened to the smooth, sultry sounds of the live jazz band.  A very nice and chill last night!

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