Miraflores is a trendy, upscale district of Lima that is situated on the coast. There are beautiful parks and gardens, sleek shopping centers, fantastic restaurants, and sprawling beaches. It is clear this area is home to an up-and-coming middle class due to all the well-dressed pet dogs in the park. Miraflores is gorgeous, pedestrian friendly and safe, and thus quite popular with tourists.

paragliding along the coast

There is so much to do in Miraflores, from just strolling through the many parks (and there´s even free wifi!) to paragliding off the cliffs.  The beaches in Miraflores have gentle waves that are perfect for beginner surfers.  The restaurants here boast some of Lima´s most inventive Peruvian cuisine, such as the famed Chef Gastón Acurio’s La Mar restaurant.

playa costa verde

I spent a whole day just wandering around Miraflores.  After a quick breakfast at the hostel, I took a quick turn around Parque Kennedy which was full of locals rollerblading, playing volleyball and engaging in stationary cycling classes.  Local artists displayed their paintings around the park and there were many cats sleeping in the bushes.

Parque Kennedy in Miraflores

I wandered down to the cliffside to check out the beautiful coastline and started walking north through the district´s many beautiful gardens and parks.  The first park I passed resembled Gaudi´s Parque Güell in Barcelona with its colorful mosiac walls rising and falling in gentle waves.  In the center is a large, elevated sculpture of a couple embracing.

Parque de Amor

I continued strolling north and headed to the restaurant El Mercado where I met up with some of Natalya’s schoolmates for a delicious brunch.  Brunch is the primary (if not only) activity on Sundays in Peru, and I was happy to partake in the foodie experience.  We had some delicious seafood such as grilled octopus, ceviche, scallop rice, and churros for dessert.

brunch at El Mercado

After an amazing meal, the entire group decided to continue Sunday Funday and meander through Miraflores.  We ended up walking through the same gardens and parks I had passed earlier, but the views and gardens were so beautiful and peaceful, I didn´t mind the repeat.

park of love

We stopped by Larcomar Mall and ended up grabbing dinner and some wine as we watched the sun set.  By 6:30pm it was completely dark (Peruvian winter!) and we all ended up calling it a day.

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