Following my Peruvian Cooking Class, I caught a combi (minibus) on Av Arequipa heading to Barranco. It took 15 min to get to the main plaza in Barranco and only cost 1 sol. Alternatively, a taxi would cost maybe 7-10 soles and take 10 min.

wpid-P1090837.JPGA girl I met in Lima highly recommended spending some time Barranco and I immediately felt at peace in this cute, bohemian area. Barranco is located just south along the coast from Miraflores, and used to be a tiny resort full of grand casinos back at the turn of the 20th century. Some of these casonas have been converted into eateries and hotels. Barranco is becoming a popular spot for nightlife with plenty of fun bars and restaurants.


West of the main plaza lies a quaint, wooden bridge called Puente de Los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs). This bridge is especially popular as a first date spot and there were couples everywhere.

imageUnder the bridge is an old stone stairway that leads to the beach called Bajada de los Baños and the pathway is lined with beautiful desert flowers. I walked down to the beach and watched the surfers as the sun began to set.

imageAfter walking for a while, I realized there was no other walkway back up the cliffs so I had to backtrack to the main plaza to grab a taxi back to the hostel in Miraflores.

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