This blog exists to document one of my two loves in life:  Travel (the other is Food)


I am addicted to traveling and I take so many photos that don’t know what to do with… so I finally decided to weave the story of my many hobo travels on a single blog.  Lots of friends ask for sample itineraries to various destinations I have been to… and as a self-proclaimed queen of organization, I am more than happy to oblige.  Lonely Planet and Frommers are great in trying to provide information for travelers of all shapes and sizes, but my story is obviously going to be biased and very specific.

I have traveled by myself, with a buddy, with a small party or with a 50 person tour bus of 18-35 year olds.  I like to walk around to explore the local areas, rather than hop from the plane to air conditioned car to hotel.  I have dealt with frugal hostels and eating 50 cents ramen for daily meals, to staying in fancy luxury resorts and dining at Michelin starred restaurants.  I guess what I’m trying to say is- I am all over the map literally and figuratively.  But essentially, I am flexible and open to anything when I travel.  I enjoy the experience for the experience and that’s how I like it.  If you are similar, then hopefully you will enjoy my blog!


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  1. Hello, I am travelling to Peru and chanced upon your blog while researching. I want to travel light maybe carry 1 bag for my 10 day trip, but have never travelled light before. I read you were gone for 3 weeks with 1 bag (I bow to you for that!!! :-)) , how did you manage to clean your clothes? or should I just forget about clean clothes? please do share your thoughts and experience, thanks so much! You write and take pics really well!

    • Errr I definitely gave up on clean clothes hah! Most hostels have cheap laundry service though if you need it.

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