Mrembo means “well-dressed” and is used to reference a good-looking female (slang equivalent for “sexy”)

I woke up around 10am to the smells of omelet toast and fried potatoes.  Mital and Miraj were cooking breakfast, and I tried some of the chili bread.  I contemplated why “chili” refers to a very hot vegetable, whereas “chilly” means cold.  Natalya laughed at my musing, and I just attributed my randomness to delirium from my ongoing cold.  I took a brief nap until we departed from the campsite around noon to head back to Nairobi.

We stopped briefly at Thika and checked out the main attraction, Chania Falls.  Unfortunately due to the drought, the falls had become just a cliff.  It was 5:30pm by the time we arrived in Nairobi, and I immediately headed to the hot showers to wash off several days’ worth of dirt and sweat from the safari.  Unfortunately, all I had was my gross and dusty towel to dry myself, which essentially rendered my cleansing useless.

Mital and Miraj then headed to temple, as Miraj said he needed to pray before he started to sin again.  The rest of us hung out in the apartment until it was time for dinner at the Simba Union.  The restaurant had a self-cooking outdoor BBQ concept, and we were given marinated raw meat, vegetables, and tons of spices to flavor our meal.

We had a fairly amusing banter going on with the Kenyan Indian boys who insisted on teaching the girls how to properly cook our food their way.  “The meat is too dry!”  “Add more spices!”  We  told them to stick to their grill and we would stick to ours, and cook it how we like it!

Following dinner, we went to the Klub House for drinks and played a few rounds of pool.  My friend Mark from college who lives in Nairobi came to meet us at the bar.

We filled him in our our trip adventures thus far, and he commented he was glad we had a true local experience in Kenya.  Thanks to our local hustler boys guiding us the whole way!

After a few rounds of drinks, we called it a night and headed back to the apartment for bed.  La la salaama!

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